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Area Based Development Projects

Aread Based Development Projects - Map Image

Surat Smart City focuses on development of a particular area that creates sustainable economic development and high quality of life by smart interventions. It is envisaged that the area under consideration will transform into a well-planned urban space with sustainable and rationally incremental economic development and activity.

Selected area is 3% of total geographical area of Surat city. By population it is around 10% of the city population while GDP share of this area is around 16% of the city. Area Based Development for this area with smart features will charge up the business environment and enhance the quality of life of the people.

  • Water Supply Management, Quality & Water Recharging
    Water Supply Management, Quality & Water Recharging

    At present there 4 water treatment & distribution centres and 3 ESRs in the selected area providing 75 MLD of water. This infrastructure will be augmented to ensure 24X7 water supply. SMART water meters will be installed for all connections. Water quality standards will be maintained and quality check will be ensured at the source as well as at the end-user locations. In order to conserve water it is proposed to have Rain water harvesting and recharge along with recharge through storm water drainage system.

    Solution highlight
    • Up-gradation of existing water supply system to 24 x 7 water supply in the proposed area.
    • Smart Metering – for meter reading/ billing remotely
    • To reduce NRW up to 15% due to known quantum of unaccounted water.
    • Advance online water quality monitoring and on site testing by mobile testing van.
    • Zero Liquid Discharge WTP – Recycling of backwash water received during treatment process in Water treatment plant.
    • Rain water recharging – to uplift the existing ground water table in the area.
    • "Water Conservation" through IEC Activities – For Awareness in Citizens.
  • Sewerage - Recycle & Reuse and Storm Water
    Sewerage - Recycle & Reuse and Storm Water

    There are two STPs which collects and treats the Sewerage collected from the selected area. It is proposed to novate the existing STPs with SCADA and energy generation and to recycle / reuse at least 50% of treated water from selected area.

    Solution highlight
    • Up-gradation and augmentation of two existing Sewage treatment plants in the proposed area.
    • Recycling & treatment of secondary sewage water through Tertiary treatment plant for reuse by nearby industries for Industrial use.
    • Remodelling and restructuring of existing 5.5 km creek passing through proposed area – Beautification of both sides of Creek by construction of footpath, cycling track, plantation etc.
    • Rain water recharging by storm water pipes.
  • Renewable Energy Sources (Solar, Wind & Biogas) & Street Light
    Solar Energy
    Wind Energy
    Biogas Energy

    It is the need of an hour to best utilise the renewable sources of energy for the sustained development. As per Smart City guideline, 10% of total electricity consumption of area to be achieved by Renewable energy resources.

    Solution highlight
    • Proposed increase in the existing capacity of Wind, Biogas and Solar energy resources as follows:
      • Wind Energy – 2.1 MW
      • Biogas plant for organic waste (In association with APMC)
      • Solar Energy (Roof top) – 1 MW
    • LED Street lighting and Smart monitoring system in the proposed area- Automatic On-Off of Streetlights through auto sensors.
  • Town Planning & Development
    Smart Parking (Mechanized)
    Town Planning & Development
    Town Planning & Development

    Visible improvement in area along Identification of certain streets as non-vehicle zones and development of open spaces for multiple uses, smart parking development.

    Smart Parking (Mechanized)
    • Proposed area is bursting with commercial activities – mainly textile & APMC markets of traders, wholesalers & retailers. To prevent the road side parking practiced currently, mechanized smart Parking is proposed on PPP basis at 7 different locations in the proposed area.
    Skywalk (Travelator)
    • As the proposed area with many textile markets is near to railway & inter-state bus station, it has high floating population density and pedestrians find no place on road currently.
    • Further traffic situation is worsened due to pedestrians on road.
    • To solve this problem walkability is provided by 3.6 Km long skywalk / travellator connecting textile market area to Inter-state Bus station and railway station.
    Visual Improvement in area
    • For visible improvement in the area, implementation of road dividers, proper signage, decorative traffic islands etc. relevant to smart city is proposed.
    • Cycle track and footpaths without encroachment to improve the walkability
    • No Vehicle Zone to reduce the pollution and to promote recreation/ art display.
  • Economic Development

    Establishment of Innovation, Incubation Centre including a trade facilitation center with the objective of improving ease of doing business, along with modernization of existing Logistic Park with RFID enabled logistics systems, conveyor belts and battery operated vehicles for internal circulation, truck terminal with modern facilities. This modernization will help in reducing the traffic congestion in Bhathena -Anjana area.

    Logistics Park
    • Although proposed area is bursting with many textile markets, currently no planned logistics facility is available and hence due to haphazard and on-road activities of transportation/ loading/ unloading of goods, traffic problem persists for full day.
    • To solve heavy traffic problem due to such activities in the proposed area, advanced logistic park is proposed.
    • Due to proposed Logistic park, systematic loading-unloading & transportation of textile goods will be possible and traffic congestion will be reduced.
    Incubation/Start up centre
    • High employment opportunities are available in the proposed area due to various commercial activities.
    • A Startup & Incubation centre is proposed here to train the semi-skilled/ skilled job seekers in various trades and to provide necessary information though single window clearance to promote start-ups.
  • Housing & Inclusiveness (Affordable Housing)
    Housing & Inclusiveness (Affordable Housing)

    To improve the liveability condition of citizens in the slum pocket, Affordable housing projects are proposed in the area.

    Solution highlight
    • Planning of 1050 EWS and 1950 LIG Houses under Pradhan Mantri Jan Aawas Yojana.
    • Planning of Zero Slum Area by developing 5750 houses based on PPP model.
    • Total Projected cost of Rs. 700 crores. It includes Rs 460 crores of PPP.

List of projects as below:

Sr. No. Project Code Project Name Document
  ABD-1a 120 MLD Water Treatment Plant at Sarthana Water Works View Project Details
ABD-4 Zero Liquid Discharge (WTP)
  ABD-1b_1 Common transmission main from Sarthana Water works to WDS - Labour work View Project Details
  ABD-1b_2 Common Transmission Main from Sarthana water works to Water Distribution Station - Procurement work View Project Details
  ABD-1b_3 Civil works for 60 lacs Ltr. UGSR at Sarthana Water Works View Project Details
  ABD-1b_4 Electrical works for 60 lacs Ltr. UGSR at Sarthana Water Works View Project Details
  ABD-1b_5 Mechanical works for 60 lacs Ltr. UGSR at Sarthana Water Works View Project Details
  ABD-1e French well-2 View Project Details
  ABD-1c Water Supply Scheme View Project Details
ABD-1d Refurbishment of existing network
ABD-2 Smart Water Meters
  ABD-1c_1 24x7 water supply scheme under smart city area- 21L Ltr ESR at Anjana in Limbayat area View Project Details
  ABD-1c_2 24x7 water supply scheme under smart city area- 69L Ltr UGSR at Anjana in Limbayat area View Project Details
  ABD-3 Rain Water Recharging View Project Details
  ABD-6a Novation of STPs with SCADA & Energy Generation @ Aajana STP View Project Details
  ABD-6b Novation of STPs with SCADA & Energy Generation @ Dindoli STP View Project Details
ABD-7 Recycling/ Reuse of Waste Water
  ABD-8_1 Remodelling & Restructuring of existing creek to create open spaces with smart features - Chainage (8000-9500) View Project Details
  ABD-8_2 Remodelling & Restructuring of existing creek to create open spaces with smart features - Chainage (9500-10850) View Project Details
  ABD-9 Air & Water Quality Monitoring System View Project Details
  ABD-11 Solar Power Generation (1 MW) View Project Details
  ABD-12 Wind Power Generation (2.1 MW) View Project Details
  ABD-13 Smart Street Lighting (LED) View Project Details
ABD-14 Smart Street Lighting Monitoring System
  ABD-5,16a & b Visible Improvement in area (Non-vehicle zone street, Walkability- Footpath, Non-motorized vehicles, Signages) View Project Details
  ABD-16c Skywalk View Project Details
  ABD-16d Visible Improvement Street light (Archana Vidhyalaya to Mithi Khadi) View Project Details
  ABD-16e VIP Model Road-2KM View Project Details
  ABD-16f VIP Model Road-2.85KM View Project Details
  ABD-16g Anuvrat Dwar canel Road View Project Details
  ABD-19_1 Affordable Housing (PMAY) EWS I- 568 View Project Details
  ABD-19_2 Affordable Housing (PMAY) EWS I- 570 View Project Details
  ABD-19_3 Affordable Housing (PMAY) EWS II - 208 View Project Details
  ABD-19_4 Affordable Housing (PMAY) EWS II - 1088 View Project Details
  ABD-19_5 Affordable Housing (PMAY) EWS II - 660 View Project Details
  ABD-20_6 Althan Tenement (PPP) (T.P. Scheme No. 28 (Althan-Bhatar), F.P. No. 107 & 116) (1296 Dus.) View Project Details
  ABD-20_7 Anjana Tenement (PPP) (T.P. Scheme No. 7 (Anjana), F.P. No. 980) (416 Dus.) View Project Details
  ABD-20_8 Dumbhal Tenement (PPP) (T.P. Scheme No. 33 (Dumbhal), F.P. No. 18/A) (896 Dus. residential + 12 Dus. Non-residential) View Project Details
  ABD-21 Smart Waste Collection System View Project Details
  ABD-22 Biogas plant for organic waste View Project Details
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