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Pan City Projects

The pan city proposal for Surat city is envisaged to maximize the benefits out of the service base. The proposal aims to improve public services and citizen interface. It is centered around the theme of Citizen Friendly Surat through Intelligent Transport and Connectivity. The idea is to integrate various services and offer citizens a variety of options to avail these services in a convenient and cost-effective manner. This pan city solution are also aimed to provide near real time data which will help in service delivery.

  • I. SMAC (SMArt City) Center
    SMAC (SMArt City) Center
    SMAC Center is envisaged as an administrative control center for the city of Surat for effective and efficient delivery of all civic services. SMART City Center will operate in four layers. This center will collect functioning information of all the departments on real time basis, as far as possible. Automated sensors and systems will send various data sets to the SMAC Center, which are analyzed to derive some conclusions. SMAC Center will play an important role in providing real time information about civic facility utilization in the city. It will help all the departments in maintaining civic service delivery standards on day-to-day basis. It will give support to the departmental heads for taking quick decisions in restoring services while handling unforeseen disturbing situations. In case of emergency situation, SMAC Center will play important role of coordinating all departments with decision support system for effectively managing rescue and relief operations. Thus the SMAC center will be able to address the issue of delivery quality civic services.
  • II. Integrated Traffic and Mobility Administration Center (IT-MAC)
    Integrated Traffic and  Mobility Administration Center (IT-MAC)
    This center will house various departments/entities involved with managing city traffic and mobility like BRTS, City Bus, Traffic Police, RTO, Fire, Emergency Services, etc. IT-enabled applications will help all the concerned agencies to co-ordinate and support each other for smooth traffic operations.

    SMC has intelligent transit system for BRTS, which will be extended to the city bus operations. This will offer real-time vehicle location and passenger information. SMC is using Adoptive Traffic Control System (ATCS) in BRTS, which will be extended to all major traffic junctions. Surat city has a network of more than 600 CC surveillance cameras, which will be expanded to all major locations in the city with the IT-MAC. All stakeholder agencies like BRTS, City Bus, Traffic Police, RTO, Fire & Emergency services, utility services, etc. will co-ordinate, share and act on an integrated platform through the IT-MAC. Citizens will be connected through variable message signs, website, mobile app, mobile alerts and social media. Thus, this integrated center will be single point sources in resolving all traffic & mobility issues to the satisfaction of the citizens.
  • III. Common City Payment System
    SuratMoney Card - Front View
    SuratMoney Card - Back View
    This will be Co-Branded Multi-Application Contact less Smart Card. It is envisioned to offer wide range of civic services to citizens with convenience of using single SMART card only.

    This card will be enriched with many other applications in order to enhance user convenience and experience. In the first phase 16 services have been identified which include transport, health, education, nutrition, affordable housing, shop and other licenses, library, sports and recreational facilities etc. This will fulfill citizen expectations of multi-applicability of the card. Simultaneously it will also make available one more service delivery channel with ‘tap & go’ features.
  • IV. Connected SuratInternet has become a critical enabler of social and economic change, transforming how government, business and citizens interact. SMC wishes to provide WiFi service to the citizens covering important public places. Apart from this, SMC wishes to have the citywide Fiber to Home connectivity, which will be useful in providing reliable connectivity with high bandwidth, meeting the present and future requirements. It will also help in bridging digital divide by enabling access of Internet to all section of society.

    This component aims at assured and affordable connectivity for all in Surat. Demands and expectations of the citizens will fulfill with this component. Connectivity is also planned on transit. This will greatly help the citizens to get connected with the government. It will also boost up the local economy through online shopping and bookings. Citizens and society in general will also get connected on this inclusive platform.
  • V. Development of ERP and GIS platformThe ERP for critical Municipal Operations is a framework for integrated solutions on a common technology platform to address process automation needs of Surat Municipal Corporation. It will be a modular framework consisting of several integrated applications built for security and scalability. Applications will be assembled on a common technology platform that addresses institution wide process automation. It will also deliver stakeholder specific reports and performance analysis.

    Considering the requirement of incremental quality of services, all major departments will go for ERP development. ERPs in health, education, women & child care will address specific issues of the citizens. SMC will be able to adopt more focused approach in line with the national and state goals. It will also help in establishing the integrated ward office for addressing citizen issues near to their homes at walking distance. Each department will have citizen interface in the form of mobile app, social media, etc.
  • VI. Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS)
    Automatic Fare Collection  System (AFCS)
    This IT enabled service will make present public transport system more efficient and citizen friendly. It will be possible to manage the system centrally, simultaneously extending a package of transport options to citizens.

    This component will help in having an intelligent public transport system in Surat City. AFCS will not only help in overall management of the public transport system but also it will also give citizen friendly transit options.
  • VII. Incubation/Start up Centre
    Incubation/Start up Centre
    High employment opportunities are available in the proposed area due to various commercial activities.
    A Startup & Incubation centre is proposed here to train the semi-skilled/ skilled job seekers in various trades and to provide necessary information though single window clearance to promote start-ups.

List of Projects

Sr. No. Project Code Project Name Document
  PAN-1a_1 Surat IT-MAC (Integrated Transport-Mobility Administration Center) View Project Details
  PAN-1a_2 Surat IT-MAC (Integrated Transport-Mobility Administration Center-Interior, HVAC, Firefighting, etc.)
  PAN-1a_3 Surat IT-MAC (Integrated Transport-Mobility Administration Center-IT Infrastructure)
  PAN-1b_1 Intelligent Transit Management System View Project Details
  PAN-1b_2 Additional ITMS Intelligent Transit Management System
  PAN-1c Integrated Traffic Control System & Area Surveillance Network View Project Details
  PAN-2 Automatic Fare collection system View Project Details
  PAN-3 Development of ERP with GIS Platform & Advanced Grievance Redressal System View Project Details
  PAN-4a_1 SMAC Center Creation - Part-1: Video Wall  
  PAN-4a_2 SMAC Center Creation - Part-2: CCTV Feed of Safe City Project  
  PAN-4a_3 SMAC Center (SMArt City Center) Part 1 - Smart Solid Waste Management Vehicle Tracking & RFID View Project Details
  PAN-4a_4 SMAC Center (SMArt City Center) Part 2 - Smart Biometric Attendance System View Project Details
  PAN-4a_5 SMAC Center (SMArt City Center) Part 3 - iPARK - Intelligent Parking Management System View Project Details
  PAN-4b_1 (Active Citizen Engagement) Part 1 - Digital Media Agency for Social Media Management View Project Details
  PAN-4b_2 (Active Citizen Engagement) Part-2 IT Vendor, Citizen Engagement Portal & Mob App View Project Details
  PAN-4c Data Center Strengthening & DR Site View Project Details
  PAN-4d Open Surat - Open Data  
  PAN-4e Mobile Apps, Mobile tickets - Procurement of 600 tablets View Project Details
  PAN-5 Common City Payment Card System View Project Details
  PAN-6_1 Connected Surat WiFi-Surat : FTH (Fibre to Home) Part 1 - Creation of OFC Network for BRTS corridor View Project Details
  PAN-6_2 Connected Surat WiFi-Surat : FTH (Fibre to Home) Part 2 - Leased Line/MPLS/Dark Fiber for SMC Locs View Project Details
  PAN-7 Smart Street Lighting (LED) & Smart Street Lighting Monitoring System View Project Details
  PAN_8 Smart Parking (Mechanized Parking)- at T.P. 5 (Athwa Umra), FP M/6 View Project Details
  PAN-9_1 Innovation, Incubation, Start up & Trade Facilitation centre- Phase 1 SEPC Extention View Project Details
  PAN-9_2 Innovation, Incubation, Start up & Trade Facilitation centre- Phase 2 T.P.53,F.P.92 (Sub centre) View Project Details
  PAN-10_1 Restoration,Re-Use and Development of Surat Castle under Development of Heritage Square at Chowk(Part-A) View Project Details
  PAN-10_2 Supplying / Providing, fixing and erection of Furniture / Interior work and Artifacts in the fort precinct, Surat. View Project Details
  PAN-10_3 Providing and Laying Drainage Line Storm Drainage, Water Supply Network and Construction of under Ground Water Tank in Fort Precinct at Surat. View Project Details
  PAN-10_4 SETC of Fire Fighting System at Fort, Chowk Bazarat Surat. View Project Details
  PAN-10_5 Providing Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services by providing skilled personal on salary basis for the Restoration, Re-use and Development of Surat castle under Development of Surat castle View Project Details
  PAN-10_6 Heritage Precinct at Chowk (Part-A).Execution of various test for establishing structural stability (Part-1) for the Heritage Project (Part-A) in A1 (Part), A2 and A3 building at Surat Castle, Chowk View Project Details
  PAN-10_7 Restoration,Re-Use and Dev. of Surat Castle under Development of Heritage Square at Chowk(Part-B) View Project Details
  PAN-11 Automation & SCADA Works for various WW & WDS  
  PAN-12 Design, Procurement, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of public bicycle sharing system in Central Zone of SMC  
  PAN-13 SUMAN Eye (CCTV Network)  
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